RGF Executive Search (ES) Vietnam has, on 8 January, launched its newly revamped website.

According to a press statement, while the address remains the same, the improved site features a clean and mobile-friendly design to provide a more user-friendly experience for visitors.

The new design not only allows candidates to maintain close contact with RGF ES Vietnam’s consultants, it also enables clients to learn about RGF ES Vietnam’s services and book consultation meetings with ease.

The website also hosts a member corner where visitors can manage their accounts, set up email alerts and manage job applications. It also has an added feature allowing candidates to sign up via their LinkedIn account with just one click, saving time and effort when applying for jobs.

The website will be updated on a regular basis and visitors are invited to sign up for an account and receive direct emails from the company.

Jon Whitehead, managing director of RGF ES Vietnam, said: "We are excited about our new website launch and looking forward to providing more meaningful information to our clients, candidates, the media and other stakeholders.

"We will be generating more blogs which include topics centered on career advice, hiring advice, key industry highlights, management and leadership. Our aim is to create a platform where our visitors can have an informative experience."

Photo / 123RF