Recruitday, a Manila-based firm backed by venture capital firm Future Now Ventures, is transforming recruitment for employers, recruiters, and job-seekers alike through its web-based portal. The company is creating a new category: social + referral recruiting.

Social + referral recruiting combines the reach of a person’s social network - the average Filipino user has over 600 friends on Facebook - with the effectiveness of referrals. Through Recruitday, employers can post available positions, and then Scouts can refer qualified candidates from their network to the position. Scouts can easily share job ads to their friends using social media, just as they would for an interesting article or video.

Scouts are incentivized to make referrals because companies set cash rewards at different points of the hiring process. They can also keep track of the status of their referrals and their cash rewards through Recruitday. Scouts can thus be any Filipino with an interest in earning money through referrals, including full-time employees, part-timers, freelancers, stay-at-home moms and dads, and even Filipinos in between jobs.

Joel Garcia, the founder and CEO of Recruitday, believes that Recruitday addresses the challenging issue of talent acquisition for Filipino companies.

“Every business in the Philippines, whether a small startup or a 1000-strong corporation, has to contend with the same problem: recruiting. The main problem is that you get too many applicants, most of whom will not be a fit for the open role. Recruitday simplifies this process by bringing you only the best candidates, as endorsed by our Scouts,” says Garcia, who founded Recruitday in 2017.

Garcia says that Scouts have already signed up to Recruitday from not just Metro Manila but all over the country, including Ilocos, Visayas, Palawan, and Davao, which bodes well for everyone in the talent ecosystem.

“With the addition of Scouts to Recruitday, employers will get a more consistent stream of qualified applicants in their recruiting pipeline no matter where they are. Job-hunters will connect with companies that they are a fit for, and the Scouts who referred them will earn money. It’s not only a win-win-win for these stakeholders - it’s improving the entire recruiting process in dire need of it,” says Garcia, adding that Recruitday’s platform has already helped many companies in the Philippines successfully hire.

Anyone interested in signing up to be a Recruitday Scout can register at the following link: