Following the success of Recruitment Asia 2017, Malaysia that took place on 31 Oct-1 Nov and produced by Priya Veeriah, in this new series, our speakers will address some of the thought provoking questions sent in by the delegates via Pigeonhole, our communication platform onsite.

Today, we bring responses from Dato ‘Aliyah Karen, chief executive officer, MAA Medicare Charitable Foundation, Malaysia:

Q. What are some of the scary trends you've observed when it comes to talent management?

The first trend being, you invest your resources into ‘the talent' only to find them leave.

Second, the phrase 'talent management' is 'over-rated,' and so many training and development programmes are being organised to identify, recognise and help build employees, instead of using simple in-house tools to recognise them. Eg – SWOT analysis.





#Q2: What do you think is the hardest part of dealing with a multigenerational workforce given your wide ranging experiences?


We need to understand that employees need to learn and grow to stay relevant in todays’ workforce.


Some grow faster than others and today, the Gen Y picks up everything quickly and are quick to make decisions. On the flipside, you have Gen X and baby-boomers who have the experience and know where the pit falls are.


As such, combining these two groups wherever possible would lead to dynamic and positive results. Hence for me, I must remember to understand and listen to the various groups in order to bring out the best in everyone to achieve the ultimate results I want.

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