Podcast with Jonathan Cummings


In this debut HRO podcast, we find out why trust is so important for an employer of the future.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of HRadiO, where HRO talks to Landor & Fitch's (L&F) APAC President, Jonathan Cummings!

The London native started his career at the Institute of Directors in London but through a series of fortunate events which included a midweek trip to Old Trafford eventually found himself creating his own team in Hong Kong.

That was over a decade ago, and so much has changed when it comes to hiring and retaining creative talent. Or not... Trust, says Cummings is at the core of any employee initiative and creating a great team and internal culture. Whether it's hybrid working in this post-pandemic era or retaining your best employees when possible, even when they want to leave Hong Kong but not the company.

In a broad conversation with HRO's Regional Digital Content Director, Bridgette Hall, we discuss attracting and retaining creative talent, Cummings' own career journey, and what he predicts the future of the workforce will look like.

Dive deeper into:

  • L&F’s talent strategy in retaining and attracting a new generation of talents especially in a post-pandemic era,
  • Employee experience and creating a great internal culture, 
  • D&I initiatives in Asia,
  • L&F’s POV on the trend of the 'Great Resignation' in Hong Kong and Asia.  


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