Moving talent around the world continues to be a profit-wielding and successful business strategy for many firms in Asia.

But due to technological breakthroughs in managing mobile employees, such as HR cloud and big data, and more complex tax structures in different countries, HR professionals must step up their game to create more flexible strategies for mobile talent.

That was the key issue which senior HR leaders and mobility experts unraveled in Workforce Mobility Interactive 2016, held yesterday for the very first time at The Aloft Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening the conference with a special keynote, Thiyagarajan Govindasamy, regional director of human resources at Danfoss Industries, expanded on potential talent pipeline solutions for successful deployment and management of overseas talent, citing specific case studies.

"At Danfoss, we want to do more with less. 10% of our current vice presidents are from Danfoss’ two year journey of four half-yearly projects. We want to expose them to the global world - build their network, and let them know how to do it," he said.

"On the Y axis is the employee potential, on the X axis, is their performance. Based on this, you can determine what kind of development they need, and whether they are able to lead, be it regionally or globally."

A panel session titled “Reinventing your expatriate compensation approach” also debated on alternatives to long term assignments and full expatriation packages.

The panel comprised of Chandralakshmi Thiruchelvam, director, compensation and benefits, Asia, Western Digital, Yvonne Teng HR director, RASO and Commercial Management, SEA and Oceania Ericsson, and Rahima Ibrahim, senior vice president human resources, Siemens.

It was moderated by Ahmad Fauzi Yahya, regional human resources head for Asia, Oceania, Middle East & Africa, Nestlé Professional.

Additionally, throughout the day, all delegates also took part in dynamic round-table discussions in the conference's five special interactive sessions, discussing topics such as candidate sourcing and selection as well as measuring ROI of mobility programmes.

All these interactive sessions culminated in a special rapid-fire discussion held at the end of the evening.

Here are some exclusive photos of the conference:

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