FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. and a leading express transportation provider, boasts of a thoughtfully-designed South Pacific Regional (SPAC) Hub office designed to bring people closer together to encourage collaboration and communication.

Jerene Ang asks Audrey Cheong, managing director, FedEx Express, Singapore, everything to know about this working space.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the design and layout of the FedEx Hub?

The main objectives behind the new design were to promote inclusivity and foster a welcoming working environment. We wanted to create an office our people look forward to working in. The new office design moves away from traditional partitioned cubicles in favour of open-concept workstations.

Additionally, the hub employs multi-functional spaces. For instance, the townhall area serves as an office hot-desking area when not being used for staff events/seminars.


Q. To what extent do you think creating an innovative and interactive workplace helps with the company culture?

The office reflects our corporate philosophy of people-service-profit, which is based on the belief that creating a positive working environment for employees will inspire them to provide better service quality to customers, which would then lead to customers using FedEx products and services.

An innovative and interactive workplace allows us to tap further into our employees’ individual and collective potential by facilitating and encouraging teamwork, communication, and collaboration.

Additionally, the modern design reflects how FedEx keeps pace with trends and connects with the workforce, who are composed of both the younger Millennials and older generation (who are also young at heart).


Q. Does having an engaging office space help improve productivity, and why?

Absolutely. That’s the aim behind the redesign. An engaging office space and vibrant working environment is meant to help employees feel more motivated and included, which in turn leads to better work performance and productivity.

From an innovation standpoint, having an engaging office space also promotes ideation to help employees embark on their innovation journey. With rapid advances in technology and evolving customer expectations rapidly changing the logistics landscape, FedEx welcomes and actively encourages suggestions from its people.

We want our office to mirror our strong employee culture of promoting a safe, diverse, and rewarding environment.


Q. What advice would you give other companies that are planning on redecorating their offices?

FedEx's commitment to its people centres around a shared culture which can be further fostered by a strategically-designed workspace.

We listened to a consensus of feedback from our team members who sought a more open work environment, which many companies can adopt. Employees appreciate knowing that their opinions are heard and valued, and will take pride in walking into a space where their feedback has been considered.

The renovation and resulting changes to the physical space should be in line with the work culture and values desired to drive individual and business performance. A good and conducive environment is key to building employee loyalty and ownership in the longer run and making the company a great place to work in.


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