"As one of the world's leading nutrition companies, Nestlé in Malaysia believes that creating a contemporary and healthy work environment is conducive to its culture," affirms Alois Hofbauer, MD of Nestlé (Malaysia).

Nestlé is German for ‘little nest’, representative of warmth, security, nourishment, togetherness, and caring values - the office design in Kuala Lumpur, as a result, was inspired by the concept of  'the nest'.

This message is conveyed to all visitors, who encounter an egg-shaped reception welcoming them. Moving within, meeting areas and open spaces are inspired by the nest logo, set in combinations of natural wood flooring and raw wood branches.



Beyond the fancy designs, the office space is both practical and functional. For example, the pantry and resting areas signify homely areas to ‘chill-out’.

Says Hofbauer, "Through this, our employees are able to enjoy a meaningful break-out area that will encourage them to sit together and communicate more with each other."

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This meaningful design is complemented by facilities and amenities that make life more convenient for employees.

"We respect diversity of all of our employees, and provide special facilities to meet their needs, such as special parking access for the disabled," shared Hafbauer.

"We also provide facilities to create a conducive environment for working mothers to manage their roles as a working professional together with their family needs, such as: designated car parks for expectant mothers, and dedicated rooms for nursing mothers."



Hofbauer credits the passion, dedication and drive of the Nestlé family members, for the firm's 150 years of success - adding the innovative space certainly helps to drive productivity and encourage a more creative, collaborative mindset.

He explains, "By providing an engaging office space, we also signal to our people that they are deeply-valued and that the company is more than willing to invest in their comfort and well-being."



As a believer in the office design reflecting the company’s heritage and culture, Hofbauer recommends others who are taking up redesign projects to think beyond the latest trends in designing the space.

"More importantly, it must be comfortable, functional and reflect the company’s values. It’s the face of the company to its own people, as well as to the outside world. It is very important!"

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