Just two weeks after organising Asia’s most prestigious event for senior HR executives, the Human Resources team hosted the inaugural Training & Development Asia 2016, Malaysia, at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur on June 1-2, 2016.

As Asia’s only dedicated learning and development conference for HR leaders and L&D specialists, the event featured a stellar mix of keynote speakers.

During the two-day conference, the industry's best kept training and corporate learning secrets were revealed by learning and development experts from organisations such as iCar Asia and Digi; with tremendous opportunities for networking, and powered by a host of sponsors and partners.

Here are photos from day one of the conference: [more photos on Facebook]

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Day one

Day one featured discussions around the topics aligning learning and business strategy, high potential management and succession planing, and learning ROI.

An opening keynote by Neema Mehta, talent, learning & development director, Amcor, unveiled the tips and tricks on how a global business can deliver effective learning outcomes.

She explained: “Global programmes are great for consistency but know who your target audience, is, how they will benefit from this and know why this is important.

“Asia is a different market and maturity in the business will impact how global programmes are received and should be implemented. Localisation is good and necessary but you want to make sure it is aligned to global programmes."

She was followed by Ling Hsern Wei, head of learning & development, PwC, who shared more about PwC’s journey of bringing learning into the workplace as well as the challenges and opportunities to look out for.

After a networking break, we dived into a panel on creating a conducive learning environment to increase employee engagement, moderated by David Heng, managing director & head talent management and culture building, CIMB Group.

Following that, Noor Iskandar, head of group organisational learning & development, Felda Global Ventures, took the stage to share tips on enforcing the best leadership model to achieve organisational transformation.

After listing out the leadership development maturity model, he noted: "Many organisations are stuck at level 2. They want to move to level 4 but they don’t have the basics in place. Whatever stage you are in, it has to be in the context of your organisation."

Post lunch, Sasidharan Muniandy, senior manager – talent management, Scomi Energy Services, talked about how HR can build a strategy to identify, develop & retain high potentials.

Following him, Perdeep Kumar, regional director, corporate learning, Harvard Business Publishing, shed light on how to design a learning programme that cuts through distraction and engages learners.

The first day ended with Zohrab Chong, vice president, learning & development, AXA Affin General Insurance, explaining why engaging senior stakeholders is crucial to driving a learning culture.

“To me, culture is an unconscious day-to-day business. It is not culture when we try to show it or if we have to be mindful of it,” he said.

Photos from the conference: [more photos on Facebook]

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Day 2

Day two saw an equally exciting lineup of speakers including learning experts such as Kulwant Singh Bardh, CEO, APAC, KNOLSKAPE, and Amita Nandi, senior consultant & master trainer, DDI; as well as HR leaders including Animesh Mukherjee, head of human resource centre expertise, Digi Telecommunications, and Manish Arneja, global organisational development manager, Fonterra.

The topics discused included learning technologies and innovation, employee onboarding and engagement, and training methodologies.

Animesh Mukherjee, head of human resource centre expertise, Digi Telecommunications, kick-started the day with a keynote on learning for the future and HR’s role in the journey.

“HR’s job is not to do what the C-suite is asking of us, but to look forward and guide the C-suite on what they should do in the future,” he said.

He was followed by Kulwant Singh Bardh, CEO, APAC, KNOLSKAPE, who shared about the disruptions happening today on the way learning is done through an interactive simulation for the delegates on negotiation and influencing skills.

Post a morning coffee break, Manish Arneja, global organisational development manager, Fonterra, gave useful tips on how to devise the right employee strategy to increase level of employee engagement.

"Managers can account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement levels,” he pointed out.

From there, we went into a panel about the unconventional methods of employee participation, moderated by Kulwant Singh Bardh, CEO, APAC, KNOLSKAPE.

Post lunch, Amita Nandi, senior consultant & master trainer, DDI, took the stage to share the secrets to reaping maximum returns from L&D initiatives.

Following that, Cilia Rasasegram, general manager, people & culture, iCar Asia, pointed out how applying a positive thought process in the workplace can help make it successful.

“A positive thought process allows us to clearly evaluate the situation or problem at hand. It energises us to overcome any obstacle faced,” she said.

Just before a short afternoon break, Amit Saxena, head of HR, Recron Malaysia, shared some tips on creating a constructive coaching programme to aid the development of employees.

After the break, Saxena wrapped up the conference by moderating a panel where panelists from Amcor, Maersk and Scomi Malaysia discussed about incorporating a training methodology that best fits the company culture.

The Human Resources team would like to thank all sponsors and partners:

  • Gold sponsors 1. DDI 2. Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning 3. KNOLSKAPE
  • Exhibitors 1. HCK Properties 2. Learning Rank 3. SEGi University
  • Partners 1. Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management 2. CHRO Asia 3. Clocate 4. CLO-ME 5. HR Monk 6. Voices of Leaders