As companies expand across regions and the needs of businesses evolve, firms are looking for a credible payroll partner that offers a mix of both, strategic mind-set and operational experience.

"Today, the business needs are to have payroll integrate with their existing HR systems, enabling a better employee experience without compromising on payroll compliance and risks," says Aju Murjani, managing director, ASEAN, Excelity Global, human capital management.

"For large multinational organisations, there is a lack of visibility on payroll cost across geographies as many look for globalisation of HR operations."

He adds the need is exemplified as the outcomes are eventually to drive overall organisation’s productivity and engagement.

"When looking for a cloud based payroll provider, HR leaders should look for ease of transition or integration of cloud based payroll providers, reduced cost of payroll operations, scalable service model where it promotes ease of adding additional modules(or services), and drive standardisation whilst yielding compliance."

In line with offering such services, Excelity set out to expand its payroll service offering by developing a cloud payroll offering, Payroll on Demand, formally launching this quarter.

"Initially, Excelity’s cloud-based payroll offering will likely see the most traction from organisations needing a payroll solution in a single country, but as its experience strengthens over time with localised client wins across all of the 13 countries, it will start to get the attention of multinationals seeking a standardised payroll platform in the region," a statement from the company read.

"The cloud payroll offering will be especially appealing to fast-growing companies operating in the region, due to the relatively low cost, shorter implementation times, and flexibility, with the option of adopting a full payroll service model in the main countries, while leveraging Payroll on Demand in tail countries."

Ultimately, Excelity’s go-to-market strategy will include an expanded payroll portfolio consisting of full and partial payroll services in the cloud.

Excelity’s roadmap includes rolling out its cloud solution across 13 APAC countries by the end of this year, ultimately providing the company with a unified cloud-based regional payroll platform in the following countries: India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, and Taiwan.