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Following this trend, one in three respondents have previously resigned from their jobs because of inflexibility.

One in two locally-based respondents in Malaysia surveyed (50%) are not afraid to resign from their jobs if it prevents them from enjoying their personal life. This trend is most significant among Millennials aged between 25 and 34 years old, with 55% stating this sentiment. 

In fact, one in three respondents in Malaysia said that they would rather be unemployed than feel unhappy at work.

Part of Randstad's bi-annual survey, the H2 2022 Workmonitor survey in Malaysia highlights the workforce’s latest sentiments and perceptions of the local job market.

As a whole, 95% of respondents said that it is important to have a good work-life balance.

Following this trend, one in three respondents have previously resigned from their jobs because of inflexibility, with this sentiment being the most prevalent among Millennials (37% of Millennials surveyed have done so). Specifically, at least eight in 10 respondents said it is important that they have flexibility in terms of working hours (89%) and location (86%).

As shared by the report, the pandemic has brought about a mindset change among employees with regards to working arrangement, with many expressing a preference for flexible working arrangements to enable a healthy work-life balance.

Further highlighting the significance of this, 43% of respondents said that they will not accept a job if the company does not offer them the option to work remotely. Close to half (47%) of respondents said that they would not accept a job if they are unable to choose when they want to work.

Fahad Naeem, Head of Operations at Randstad Malaysia commented: “Employers that continue to offer work flexibility to their workforce are more capable of attracting and retaining talent who value autonomy in today’s candidate-short market.”

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