Despite a slowdown in Singapore's economy in Q3 2019, the country still saw a rise in online hiring demand, the latest Monster Employment Index reported.

Overall, the online hiring sentiment reached an annual high of 19% year-on-year (y-o-y) growth in both July and August, and an annual increase of 18% in September.

Growth observed across individual sectors and roles  

Information technology

Following the changes brought about by digital transformations, the IT sector saw a steep growth in online hiring activity in Q3 - in July, it recorded a strong 44% y-o-y growth, followed by a high of 49% in August, before reaching a "steady pace" of 46% annual growth in September.

Advertising & marketing

Coming behind the IT sector was the advertising & marketing sector, which recorded "strong positive growth numbers" in the past quarter. In specific, the sector recorded a 34% y-o-y growth in July; 38% in August, and 35% in September.

Apart from this, the hospitality, and consumer goods industries also ranked among the top growth sectors during this period.



Software, hardware and telecom roles saw the highest e-recruitment growth

When analysing specific job roles, all 12 occupations monitored by the Index witnessed positive e-recruitment growth, with a strong sentiment overall.

Among these roles, those in software, hardware, and telecom saw y-o-y growth of 33% (July), 32% (August) and 29% (September) in Q3.

At the same time, a strong annual growth was also observed in hospitality & travel talent, at 25% in July, 30% in August, and 31% in September.

The full growth statistics across 12 occupations can be found below:


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