An INTI survey has revealed that 68% of freelancers in Malaysia choose to do freelance work despite the availability of full time jobs.

The survey, commissioned by INTI International University and Colleges, collected feedback from 300 full-time freelancers from the fields of business, marketing IT and computer science, culinary arts and art and design.

In a panel organised by INTI to discuss the survey findings and the realities of the freelancing economy in Malaysia, Lau Chak Onn, editor-in-chief at Cilisos Media, commented: “The growth of the digital economy has disrupted the traditional labour market and given rise to platforms such as Freelancer and Upwork, easing access for freelancers to explore borderless working opportunities."

The panel discussed the rise of freelancing as a popular option, citing that freelancers are in a unique position to make their own decisions in what they want to do rather than being restricted by a set of responsibilities.

Moreover, freelancers also have the advantage of diversified work exposure, allow them to learn new skills and insights from different clients.

“With technology driving the growth of the freelance economy, organisations will see a shift in their talent pipelines and must determine how they will adapt to remain competitive,” Lau concluded.

Photo / 123RF