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More employers in Malaysia inclined to hire differently-abled staff

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Bernama has reported that more employers from both private and government sectors in Malaysia are increasingly inclined to hire differently-abled (OKU)  staff. According to the report, employers found that “they are more committed to doing their job”.

In the report, Asiah Md Ariff, chairman of  Women, Family and Community Development Committee of Johor, commented that they tend to be more appreciative of the opportunities given – leading them to be more favourable in the talent market.

Speaking to reporters at a job carnival for OKU staff, she said: “They are given the opportunity to take advantage of it and so far, we have not received any reports of misconduct or they are expelled after entering the realm of employment.”

She added that as many as 622 OKU staff has registered with the Yayasan Pembangunan Keluarga Darul Takzim (YPK) since 2010. The union was set up by the state government to enable the group to find employment.

From that figure, 129 OKU staff has been employed in Johor Bahru within the hotel, super markets and factory sectors; 22 are working in the District Municipal Council and the rest in other sectors.

According to Asiah, OKU staff will be guided by ‘Job Coach’ through the YPK – which will complement them with the training and skills required by the industry including housekeeping guidance before being matched at companies involved.

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