The Straits Times has reported building services firm MCC Singapore, whose units include developer MCC Land, has provided free bikes for about 1,000 full-time employees. Under this S$250,000 initiative, staff will also get safety gear and accessories such as helmets and reflective shirts.

In the report, managing director Tan Zhiyong said that “employees’ feedback played a huge role in this decision”. He also highlighted that the initiative is in line with the government's push for responsible bicycle use and a car-lite society.

MCC Singapore's head office in Bukit Batok Crescent is slightly more than 1km away from Ulu Pandan Park Connector, a cycling route. Additionally, the firm announced its new cycling initiative with a mass cycling activity ending at Sembawang Park last Saturday, after a 4km trial earlier this month that involved 50 senior and management staff members.

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Tan mentioned in the report that employees are free to use it in any way they deem appropriate since it was a token of appreciation to the staff. In fact, staff are encouraged to share their bicycles with family and friends as well.

In the report, he said: “In this age of rapid globalisation, which brings about an evolving work culture, employers are challenged to motivate employees beyond sheer remuneration."

Other bicycle-related activities being planned include lunchtime bicycle rides allowing co-workers to eat out together.

Photo / 123RF