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Kulasegaran refutes claims that about 30,000 jobs will be lost this year

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Malaysia’s Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran has refuted claims that about 30,000 jobs will be lost this year, Bernama reported.

The claims, made by the Malaysian Employers Federation, cited the rise in business costs as the main reason, with the economic environment “posing a big challenge for employers in maintaining their profitability.”

According to Bernama, on the claims about the job about the  job losses, Kulasegaran said: “On the contrary, with less than 24,000 unemployment (positions) recorded last year, there are actually more jobs readily available for them.

“The unemployment rate shows nothing unusual, nothing frightening.”

This came up while Kulasegaran spoke to reporters after the signing of a collective agreement between Continental Tyre Malaysia and the Continental Tyre Malaysia Staff Association in Petaling Jaya yesterday (18 February). The signed agreement offers Continental Tyre Malaysia employees additional remuneration and benefits, including flexible work hours and work-from-home arrangements.

Further, according to The Sun DailyKulasegaran said the Employment Act will be amended to provide protection to management staff regardless of how much they earn. The Act currently only protects employees earning RM2,000 and below.

Kulasegaran said: “The proposed amendments must be reviewed by the National Labour Advisory whose duty is to advise the minister on the feasibility of the proposed amendments to the Act.

“Management staff also need protection such as a written contract but they will not get the same privileges as union staff.”

Photo / DAP Malaysia

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