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Is TikTok costing Gen Z their careers?

Is TikTok costing Gen Z their careers?

With its plethora of nonstop content and information, 70% of Gen Z turn to TikTok for career advice.

With millions of users on the application, TikTok has undeniably become one of the most popular social media platforms over the past couple years — particularly among the younger demographic. In fact, the average young person spends 25% of their time awake scrolling through social media.

In this view, EduBirdie recently surveyed 2,000 Gen Z in the US to find out exactly how TikTok impacts the work life of American youth.

*While the survey was conducted in the US, HRO believes the results remain relevant to our readership in Asia.

As a key catalyst for viral trends, TikTok is undeniably molding contemporary culture in many aspects. Beyond the realm of memes and charming pet videos, its influence is extending to impact the dynamics of the workforce as well; over the years, new buzzwords such as quiet quitting and lazy girl jobs have popped up, propelled by its spread on the application.  

However, Gen Z's TikTok obsession could cost them their careers, the study finds. 

With its plethora of nonstop content and information, 70% of Gen Z turn to TikTok for career advice. Specifically, 48% believe using TikTok has benefitted their career, while 46% say it shaped their profession choice. On the other hand, 28% faced issues at work from online posts, leading to layoffs for one in eight.

Examining reliability, a considerable 71% of Gen Z consider TikTok a reliable source of information. Intriguingly, nearly half (47%) gauge an individual's expertise solely based on their TikTok following. With only less than half (42%) fact-checking the information from TikTok, this has led to misinformation troubles for 55% — even to the extent of the personal lives for 15%.

Lastly, 36% of Gen Z are considering dropping out of college to become a TikTok star, and 51% see becoming a TikTok star as a viable long-term career. While 29% of Gen Z were attracted to this career for its fame, the winning appeal of achieving TikTok fame for the majority lies in its inherent flexibility.

That being said, 30% of Gen Z realistically doubt they will ever be as successful as TikTok’s biggest names out there, with 44% even feeling down after comparing themselves to TikTok stars.

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