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Interviewers, are you hinting to candidates they have got the job with these signals?


Interview is like playing a mind game. Interviewees want to impress in every way they can. On the other hand, the interviewer needs to hide his or her true feelings about the seemingly competent candidate, for there might be an even better one showing up next.

A recent Glassdoor post shared a few hints, sometimes subtle, that interviewers give out when they feel the candidate is a good fit.

Be mindful next time when your true feelings manage to creep through your straight face during an interview. On a more positive note, sending the right signal can help secure your next dream candidate.

1. Subtle body languageLittle gestures like head nodding and agreeable ‘mhmms’ are what one's body does when one is enthusiastic about the candidate. Valerie Streif, senior adviser at Mentat said that people give away much more inner thoughts and opinions through these little movements than they thought they would.

2. Showing certainty in one's wordsCareer coach April Klimkiewicz pointed out that interviewers may unintentionally change their choice of words if they think the candidate has a high chance of getting the job.

When an interviewer thinks a candidate is the right fit, he or she would say  “this is where you’ll be working” instead of saying “if hired, you would...”

Be a savvy interviewer don't let these verbal cues give away the secret.

3. The conversation turns casualMatthew Kerr, career adviser at Resume Genius, says that a casual and friendly conversation shows that the interviewer has a genuine interest in getting to know the candidate better.  Also, it is a great opportunity to get to know the candidate better.

4. A longer than usual interviewWith all the discussion about the job, the company, the perks, and possibly some casual chats the interview will probably last longer than expected. It is a sign that both the interviewer and the candidate are enjoying the conversation, and probably a sign that the interviewer has made up his or her mind.

5. You got the candidate to meet the teamJill Santopietro Panall, HR consultant and owner of 21Oak HR Consulting, LLC pointed out introducing a candidate to the team at the end of the interview is one of the top signs in which the candidate has got the job.

This is not surprising since the interviewer wants feedback from the team on the candidate. This is nice gesture to secure the perfect candidate since it indicates the interviewer really wants him or her to be a part of the team.

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