A little bit of Friday fun after what has been a pretty intense week.

According to the annually conducted Henley Passport Index, Asian countries dominate the rankings. And the winner is … Japan!

Based on visa-free travel to 190 countries, the land of the rising sun narrowly nudged out passports from Singapore and South Korea – with both granting access to 189 countries visa free. The Hong Kong passport featured in 19th place, with visa-free access to 169 countries.

The Henley Passport Index uses data provided by the International Air Transport Association to ascertain how many destinations passport holders in every country can access without first obtaining a visa. The index is updated throughout the year to reflect visa-policy changes.

European powerhouses France and Germany tied for third place, with access to 188 countries. Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States all rated sixth, with access to 185 countries.

Australia, New Zealand and Iceland rounded out the top 10 with access to 181 destinations.