Although there is plenty of criticism to go around for those arguably time-wasting meetings that fill up your office calendar, not all meetings are bad. One type in particular can have a significant positive impact your workplace: the one-on-one meeting.

Meeting with employees one-on-one is like the superfood that powers your organisation according to Quantum Workplace, a company specialising in employee engagement software. The company decided to look into some of the existing research on one-on-one meetings, and found that regular one-on-one meetings can be tremendously beneficial, if somewhat difficult to get going.

For example, 86% of highly engaged organisations conduct one-on-one meetings between managers and employees. Yet nearly 25% of companies don't hold one-on-one meetings at all.

If you haven't developed the habit of regular meetings with individual team members, now is the time. In order to help you get started, the team at Quantum Workplace went ahead and combined the findings into a helpful infographic:

One-on-one meetings infographic

Still not convinced one-on-one meetings are worth the effort? Last year, a study confirmed the connection between employee engagement and frequent individual interaction with their manager. Furthermore the study found that continuous feedback that occurs on a day-to-day basis is much more likely to create real-time changes in employees' job performance.

For those who have already incorporated one-on-one meetings into their work routine, there's always a next step. Instead of sitting down with a team member, try making it a walking meeting to boost creativity by up to 60%.

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