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Infographic: How to spend your first and last 15 minutes at work

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Being mindful of our work habits can help us assess how we are spending our time and allows us to identify opportunities for improvement. Working smarter, not harder means making simple shifts to our day that can have a big impact on how we feel and the work we produce.

An infographic by Fundera provides 10 tips to create an intentional routine that will help boost performance and happiness at work. For example, did you know staying hydrated results in a 14% increase in productivity?

Here are tips on how to spend the first and last minutes of your work day:

First 15 minutes of the day:

  1. DO make a list of the tasks you wish to accomplish throughout the day in order of importance
  2. DON’T dive right into your to-do list without taking a few deep breaths
  3. DO drink a glass of water to help stay hydrated after the commute
  4. DON’T get caught up with office gossip first thing in the morning

Browse through the image gallery below for the full list of tips:


Last 15 minutes of the day:

  1. DO send quick emails and take care of small clerical tasks
  2. DON’T leave your workplace in a frenzy as you head out the door
  3. DO get anything on your mind down on paper before leaving
  4. DON’T beat yourself up if you didn’t get everything you wanted accomplished

Browse through the image gallery below for the full list of tips:


Infographics / Fundera
Lead image / iStock

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