Plenty has been written about terrible bosses. Bosses who trick employees into thinking they're getting a raise, bosses who forbid their staff to buy iPhones, and bosses who don't pay their employees. Although these might be extreme cases, there are plenty of people in leadership positions who just aren't doing a great job.

For those people, independent private equity secondaries firm Headway Capital has created a helpful infographic. First, it helps you identify how you're currently doing as a leader by answering questions on listening skills, self-assessment, and leadership. Should the questions lead you to think you could be doing better as a boss, the company has also included a list of five tips to help you improve.

If after reading this article you still feel lost, it could be time to re-evaluate whether being the boss is something you want to do. Being in charge sounds fun, but isn't right for everyone, and there is no shame in admitting a role might not be for you. The shameful thing to do would be to continue ruining everyone's work day, your own included.

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Lead photo / 123RF | Infographic / courtesy of Headway Capital