Joining the conversation on staff mobility and expatriate management strategy at Workforce Mobility Interactive, Asia’s leading regional global mobility conference, are leading firms Crown World Mobility and BGRS. Workforce Mobility Interactive 2017 is a one-day conference for director and VP-level HR professionals and mobility specialists taking place in Hong Kong on 21 February, Kuala Lumpur on 16 February, and Singapore on 14 February.

“The sponsors of Workforce Mobility Interactive 2017 are globally recognised solutions providers that value innovation in mobile talent management and human capital strategy,” said Aditi Sharma Kalra, regional editor of Human Resources magazine. “Their participation allows the conference to strengthen its objectives and expand its perspectives in order to deliver comprehensive insights to the delegates.”

The Workforce Mobility Interactive 2017 agenda will feature topics that HR and global mobility research has found are fundamental in driving organisational and business growth. Some of the latest additions to the sponsor list of Workforce Mobility 2017 are:

Crown World Mobility is an expert in formulating solutions and implementing global mobility programs for organisations. The company provides intelligence, assistance and advice to emigrating individuals and transferring employees.

With facilities in almost 60 countries, Crown World Mobility offers an array of domestic and international moving services, from protection plans to employee and family support. Crown World Mobility is the mobility specialist division of the Crown Worldwide Group, a company established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, BGRS develops and implements comprehensive talent mobility solutions for corporate and government clients worldwide. By combining deep industry experience and unparalleled insights on the future of talent mobility, BGRS enables their clients to design mobility programs that empower them to attract, retain and develop top performers. With nearly 2,000 people across five continents, BGRS blends global perspective with local market strength.

Workforce Mobility Interactive is Asia’s only regional conference on staff mobility and expatriate management strategy. Attendance to the one-day annual event is strictly by invitation only with invitations reserved for senior in-house HR professionals. Attendance is capped at 100 delegates.

The conference will cover global workforce trends, repatriation strategies, succession planning for global talent, and mobility tools and solutions. To get a global and Pan-Asian regional view of staff mobility and expatriate management strategy, do not miss Workforce Mobility Interactive 2017.

Human Resources’ “Interactive-style” conference format is a unique blend of case study presentations, panel discussions and roundtable discussions in which delegates work through five topic areas in a single day – an experience described by attendees as eight hours of intense peer learning.

Senior HR managers and mobility specialists interested in participating in Workforce Mobility Interactive can visit the event website or call the following members of the Human Resources magazine team:

- For Singapore: Evon Yew, Regional Producer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +65 6423 0329 - For Kuala Lumpur: Priya Veeriah, Regional Producer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +65 6423 0329 - For Hong Kong: Angela Leung, Regional Producer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,+852 2861 1882