In this debut of our video interview series produced by Jerene Ang, we quiz Alex Nicolaus, Head of People and Culture at Circles.Life, on his top tips on marking a smooth and safe transition back to the office for employees.

Phase Two of Singapore's reopening after the Circuit Breaker is officially here, and we've got you covered. In this exclusive, we speak to Alex Nicolaus, Head of People and Culture at Circles.Life, who shares his take on how the Singapore-based telco is chalking out plans to ease employees back into a transition to office life, while being mindful of their personal preferences - and also credits the Singapore government for providing adequate knowledge on how employers can prepare.

This marks the launch of our fresh-off-the-press video interview series called Human Resources OnScreen, produced by Jerene Ang. In this new line-up, you can look forward to hearing out the perspectives and experiences of HR leaders across Asia on some of the most contemporary and relevant issues facing you at work.

Key takeaways from the interview:

  1. The golden rule to office reintroduction: It's very important to make the distinction Phase Two from a personal life's perspective and a work perspective. For Circles.Life, nothing has changed from a work perspective. Instead of hurrying back to the workplace, the need of the hour is to communicate and over-communicate. Follow the guidelines issued by the Singapore government.
  2. This biggest challenge coming back into the workplace isn't work-life balance anymore, it's home-work balance. Everything has been at one place at home and the lines are very blurry. It's important to brainstorm on how long we can sustain this model.
  3. Prepare yourself for a new workplace: Trying to reconstruct how things were before might be difficult - at the moment, the priority should be to adapt. Accept the situation, adapt to it, and then action it.

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