We spend hours at our desks, and whilst typing away doesn’t seem like the most dangerous thing in the world, great care should still be taken in the office environment.

Needless to say, not having an optimal workplace setup can cause more absences, increased stress levels and higher employee turnover rates. Something as simple as having clutter can cause health hazards, whilst not having your computer screen at eye level can cause strain on your eyes and posture.

Given that Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it's a great time to remind ourselves to spring-clean our desks and working environment, get rid of the clutter, and beautify our work areas with plants, personal decorations, calendars, and anything else that makes us smile during a busy workday. 

We've got an infographic created by Geaves, that serves as a timely reminder of what to look out for in creating a great office space, the impact of office ergonomics and interior design, and more.

The state of today's workspace:


The impact of a beautifully-designed workspace on productivity:

  • Clears focus: Clean working environments save employees from getting distracted by clutter.
  • Eases stress: Poor office design and setup can result in employees trying too hard to focus on everything in their sight. This lowers their stress threshold.
  • Increases efficiency: An IDC study says that unorganised workplaces can lose out on US$1.9mn a year due to the time taken in finding documents.
  • Improves attendance: A professionally aesthetic setup keeps employees healthier, saving them from missing work days.
  • Wipes off negativity: Working in a clean and peaceful office setup kindles positivity.