Social media can blur the lines between our work and personal life. Nowadays, our coworkers are also your followers. To explore the effects of your social profiles on one’s career, asked over 900 people on their tech habits.

Over half (51%) are concerned their social media profiles will be used against them by their work. In fact, over one in five (22%) of those in a hiring position say they’ve denied someone a job due to their social media. In these instances, photos and text posts were the most common forms of problematic content.

On the other hand, having no online profile at all could deter prospective employers hoping to confirm your credentials, so a polished social media presence is likely the best approach.


Further, nearly one in five have already experienced their social media being used against them at work, while a fewer 16% say the content on their social profiles has been used against them in a job interview.

Interestingly, however, conflicts involving social media content may be more common outside of the professional domain. Respondents who had their social media content used against them were most likely to say that friends (47%) or a significant other (37%) brought it up with them.


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