Hilarious out-of-office replies we've loved this month

Hilarious out-of-office replies we've loved this month

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HR leaders are not only passionate when it comes to writing out policies, but are equally creative when it comes to crafting out the most creative out-of-office email responses.

You loved the first one so we're back with the second edition of real auto-responders that the team here at Human Resources Online has received recently, in response to our invitations for magazine interviews, speaking opportunities, event services, and more.

As a thank-you to our readers' creativity, we've rounded up some of our favourites below:

[Note: All responses have been edited to maintain privacy, and for brevity]

1. When you're not quite sure what your teammate is acting as


Thanks for your email.

I'm in a F2F from xxth June to xxth June (both dates inclusive). During this period, I do not have access to my email. In my absence, xxx is acting.

2. When you are in HR, but actually all about customer service

Hi there, thanks for your mail. I'm away at meetings for most of today, so my reply to your mail will be delayed. Please reach out to my ILOD colleagues or to the relevant people in the cc list for urgent matters. Otherwise, I'll reply to your mail when I'm able to.

In the meantime, here are some puzzles for you to solve:

A. Help Donna make sense of Dr. Finklestein's appointment list for today. Match each patient to their appointment time and medical complaint.

  • The patient suffering from vertigo is either Chester or Leroy.
  • The patient with the 12 noon appointment is complaining about vertigo.
  • Chester has an appointment 1 hour before the patient suffering from hip pain.


  • The patient suffering from foot pain has an appointment 1 hour before the person suffering from heartburn.
  • Chester has an appointment sometime before Terry.
  • Patients: Chester, Leroy, Terry, Zachary
  • Ailments: Foot pain, heartburn, hip pain, vertigo
  • Times: 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm

B. Pretoria County held its bowling league finals last week. Using only the clues below, match each team to their shirt colour and final score.

  • The squad in the yellow shirts finished 24 points above the Splitters.
  • The team in the gold shirts finished with a score that was somewhat lower than that of the Alley Cats.
  • The squad in the magenta shirts finished 24 points below the Oddballs.
  • The squad that finished with 739 points wore yellow shirts.
  • The Alley Cats wore yellow shirts.


  • Teams: Alley Cats, Oddballs, Splitters, Turkey Rolls
  • Scores: 715, 727, 739, 751
  • Shirt Colours: Gold, Magenta, White, Yellow

3. 10/10 for cuteness

Hi there,

For those of you who are not aware - I'm about to bring a New Life into this world very soon!! :)

Hence, I'll be away for my maternity leave starting from xxth Jan 2019, and returning back to office on xx Jul 2019.

Thank you :)

4. This format seems to be catching on (10/10 for transparency)

Dear Sender,

Thank you for your email. I'm OOO from xxx:

[   ]  Training [   ]  On annual leave [   ]  On medical leave [   ]  Public holiday [X]  Teambuilding [   ]  Voluntary Community Service [   ]  Others -

Emails: [X]  I will not be checking emails until back to office [   ]  I will be checking email irregularly but expect delay [   ]  I will be checking email frequently as if in the office

Please kindly submit all your pay & benefit questions to xxx.

5. Does HR know you're out of office for an undefined time? (Oh wait...)

Dear sender,

I'm out of office for undefined time. Please contact [email protected] for redirections.

many apologies for any inconveniences

6. Honest AND thoughtful (PS: We'd choose Thor)

I have taken some time off to chill with family and friends and ponder some of the big questions in life. I will be back in office on the xxth July.

Here is one you can help with:

Q. Which of the below Avenger characters would be best company if you are suffering from insomnia:

  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Ant Man
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Thanos
  • Loki

7. Finally, this one is sure to make you sing out loud

Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you, Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

(If you didn't know, it is the lyrics to Rick Astley's famous number)

Also never gonna reply to your message until I am back on xxth July as I'm off on a summer vacation abroad and will have no access to my mailbox. My amazing team will be dealing with my emails while I'm off, ensuring you get support from the right people to keep things moving.

- With inputs from Priya Veeriah and Yeo Wei Qi

If you’ve got a couple of creative out-of-office messages to add to the list, please send them over at [email protected]

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