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Could implementing concierge into our employee benefits help with greater productivity and efficiency? The team from Skyhigh.Vip ponders. 

The word 'concierge' has often been perceived as a luxury especially for wealthy individuals buying super-yachts and living in expensive mansions but this stereotype does not strictly ring true.

The concierge industry is no longer just a luxury service anymore. In fact, it’s a remedy for Millennials to balance out their personal and professional lives.

Employers can offer a dedicated team or outsourced concierge companies to assist with a range of lifestyle focused services, to their employees across the board.

These services normally fall under three categories:

  • Personal – gift sourcing, organising a cleaner, health, beauty and fitness assistance,
  • Social – sourcing and booking any tickets or restaurant reservations,
  • Travel – researching the best personalised holiday package, booking flights and accommodations or customised holiday planning.
For example, a high salaried executive who works long hours in sectors such as financial services, may require more time-saving services such as gift sourcing or tailored holiday bookings. However, employees who work at retail stores or F&B industries might be more interested in concert tickets and events.

The question is - Why are we not implementing concierge into our employee benefits when all these big industry players are doing it for greater productivity and efficiency?