The past few years have been intriguing for the global market, keeping everyone on their toes. In order to secure a foothold in the changing economic landscape, companies must seek new resourcing strategies, more specifically, versatile and cost-effective solutions to provide flexibility and build resilience in their businesses.

An increasing number of companies have, thus, turned their attention towards outsourcing to address their operational and resourcing needs. However, the gap between a company’s strategic development needs and routine processes has been insufficiently bridged.

It is here HR outsourcing service providers play an important role in yielding the essential resource of allocating professional HR assistance without the client having to invest expenses into hiring a full in-house HR team. At the HR Vendors of the Year 2019Singapore and Malaysia, the Best HR Outsourcing Partner category honours organisations with the capability to supply a comprehensive and customisable HR service that fits the business needs of their clients seamlessly.

Best HR Outsourcing Partners – Singapore

Winners: Gold: TMF Group Silver: BIPO Bronze: Liberte Consulting

Finalist: AscentHR Links International

Interview with Gwee Shin Ee, Director, Head of HR & Payroll, TMF Singapore

Best HR Outsourcing Partners – Malaysia

Winners: Gold: BIPO Service Malaysia Silver: Brandt International Bronze: Klozer Consultancy Services

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