The winners have been announced, the champagne’s been popped and the inaugural edition of Human Resources' Asia Recruitment Awards 2015, Singapore has come to a close!

The awards were a huge celebration showcasing the best of recruitment in the country– and boy, did you guys celebrate!

We thought you might not quite be ready to let go of all the fun that was had last night, so we’ve compiled a few photos of the evening.

Check out a selection of the photos below:

[gallery link="file" ids="41605,41606,41607,41608,41609,41610,41611,41612,41613,41614,41615,41616,41617,41618,41619,41620,41621,41623,41624,41625,41626,41627,41628,41629,41630,41631,41632,41633,41634,41635,41636,41637,41638,41639,41640,41641,41642,41644,41645,41646,41647,41648,41649,41650,41651,41652" orderby="rand"]

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