A former labour relations officer in Singapore has been sent to jail, for offences that include filming his girlfriend's family members in the shower.

Chong Hou En was initially given probation, but Justice Chan Seng Onn pointed out this was "manifestly inadequate."

Earlier this week, Chong was ordered to be jailed for 16 weeks, reported Channel NewsAsia. The prosecution had appealed against Chong's sentence of 30 months' split probation.

Chong was first arrested in 2011, while filming a video up a woman's skirt at IMM shopping mall in Jurong. He was caught red-handed by the victim's husband, and found to have stuck a mini-camera to the tip of his shoe.

Subsequent investigations revealed 10,574 obscene videos in his computer.

It was also found that Chong had installed a camera disguised as a lighter in the toilet of his girlfriend's parents' home, to film her older sister, her two nieces, aged 10 and 12 at the time, and her sister-in-law, according to Channel NewsAsia.

29-year-old Chong had been convicted of five counts of insulting the modesty of a woman by intruding on her privacy.

Justice Chan explained that in sentencing Chong to probation, he had placed considerable weight on medical evidence that Chong was suffering from the psychiatric condition of voyeurism.

However, he also took into account aggravating factors such as the high degree of planning and premeditation in Chong's acts, and the fact that there were multiple victims - two of them very young, reported Channel NewsAsia.

Image: Shutterstock