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Employment Act 1955 to be reviewed, says Minister M. Kulasegaran

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To protect the interest of employees and employers in Malaysia, the Ministry of Human Resource is likely to review the Employment Act 1955, Minister M. Kulasegaran said, Bernama reported.

Speaking to reporters after attending a Career Fair for People with Disabilities, he said discussions were underway and a comprehensive draft of the review was expected to be completed this week.

As part of the review, Kulasegaran said the ministry is planning to add eight new provisions to the Act in line with current employment situation in the country.

“The new provisions are being studied as certain provisions are no longer suitable and do not meet current job requirements.

“We are still at the discussion stage with stakeholders in the job market including the trade unions, workers, non-governmental organisations, and those who can contribute in efforts to improve the Act.”

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