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Employer in China builds money ‘mountain’ to hand out bonuses to employees

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Inside employees’ minds, the Chinese New Year brings bank holidays and relaxation. The annual festival is also the bonus season. The employers of a steel factory in Jiangxi, China, built a “mountain” made up of three million dollars worth of banknotes.

The height of the “mountain” was taller than an average adult, which reminds one of Tolkien’s Lonely Mountain without Smaug the dragon. Each employee was invited to grab RMB$60,000 cash on the spot as his annual bonus.

Five thousand employees are currently working at the company. Employees who are 60 or above and meet the company’s retirement policy can receive an extra of RMB$5,000.

Bags printed with slogans such as “happiness can be achieved by hard work” or “employees’ desire for a better life is our motivation to work harder” are distributed to employees to carry the cash.

Other than the bonus scheme, the factory has initiated two schemes this year: If the company has reached a certain amount of profits every month, there will be a 50% pay increase for every employee; and if the company has reached half of the monthly profit target, the parents of every employee will receive RMB$1,000.

The story was first reported by HK01.

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