Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Systems, announced yesterday (24 May) that it will be reducing the size of its board of management.

A merger of the board areas of HR, legal affairs and compliance (DRC) and data privacy will take place next year, in line with the retirement of board member DRC Thomas Kremer on March 31 2020.

Following this, Deutsche Telekom's Chief Human Resources Officer Birjit Bohle (pictured above) will take on the portfolio of data privacy, and legal affairs and compliance.

She will also become a new member of the Data Privacy Advisory Board during the reorganisation of the board of management taking place on January 1 next year.

Apart from the above, further changes to the board include the appointment of Dr. Claudia Junker to head the legal, compliance and data privacy departments, reporting to Bohle.

On the changes to be made, Lothar Schröder, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Deputy Chairman of the Deutsche Telekom Supervisory Board, said: "Data privacy, compliance and data security remain important at Deutsche Telekom.

"This can also be seen from the fact that next to the Chief Human Resources Officer, also the CEO will be part of the Advisory Board. There is no clearer way to express the fact that data privacy and data security have top priority at Deutsche Telekom."

Photot / Deutsche Telekom's media centre