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Covestro Hong Kong’s creative new workplace has Millennial appeal

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German polymer supplier Covestro took a refined approach to modern minimalism and activity-based design early last year. The new office conveys its motto “more than an office” and the corporate’s priorities on innovation and sustainability. A modern and stimulating environment that empowers individuals and fosters collaboration, wellbeing and productivity.

All furniture and technology boasts an ergonomic design and comfort to motivate employees to work smarter.

Moving away from the confines of traditional workstations and assigned seating arrangements at Covestro’s previous office in Wan Chai’s Hopewell Centre, the new office advocates flexibility and offers various workspaces that specifically aim to boost concentration, collaboration and communication.

old office

The “library” is an area for concentration and privacy. Phone calls and conversations are prohibited. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in a vast amount of natural light and connect the employees to the outside environment.


Infusing a corporate aesthetic with Hong Kong culture, the bright and vibrant multifaceted work café overlooks Victoria Harbour and Siu Ma Shan and features table football and an open-plan area that is used for dining or casual and impromptu meetings. The stand-out art centrepiece, the company logo, has a dragon redesign and is adorned with Hong Kong historical and cultural references.


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