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Countries with the best living standards for women

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Analysing 100 countries worldwide, Nestpick’s Women’s Liveability Index brings attention to those nations offering the best living standards for women. Norway, Sweden, and Canada have topped the 2019 edition, with Asia featured in 13th place with Singapore.

To rank the nations, Nestpick determined four important categories which affect women’s lives: infrastructure, inequality, legislation and work. These categories were further broken down into various aspects such as female literacy rate, gender wage gap, female sanitary product tax rates, days of maternity leave, percentage of women in C-level, and more.

The following are the top 15 countries with the best living standards for women:

1. Norway
% of women = 49.55%
% in government = 40.15%

2. Sweden
% in C level = 39.50%
% professional female athletes in Olympics = 55.49%

3. Canada
Women in STEM score = 6.96 (on 10)
Safety score = 9.48 (on 10)

4. Finland
5. Iceland
6. Denmark
7. Ireland
8. Slovenia
9. Austria
10. Estonia
11. Germany
12. Australia
13. Singapore
14. Switzerland
15. France

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