A third of travel and hospitality professionals are not confident about career opportunities in their present company.

This figure is worrying considering two thirds of nearly 900 APAC respondents to a study by ACI HR rated career progression as 'important' or 'very important'.

Andrew Chan, founder and CEO of ACI, said the competitive job market could be the reason why employees are feeling more insecure about long-term career prospects. Another reason for the lack of confidence could also be companies moving away from internal recruitment policies.

However, 69% of respondents said they received a pay increment in the past 12 months, with 51% of them seeing a 1% to 5% increase.

“Business confidence may appear weaker but still remains mostly positive and companies HR policies are continuing to focus on recruitment rather than retrenchment,” Chan said.

“The continued labour crunch and skills shortage across much of the region mean that those with specialist skills continue to drive higher salary demands and compensation packages.”

Regionally, Indonesian respondents saw the highest salary jump of 118%, followed by India (113%) and the Philippines (51%).

In terms of actual salaries, Macau topped the list at U$100,100 (S$126,848), followed by Hong Kong U$81,564 (S$103,331) and Australia U$79,371 (S$100,553). Malaysia reported the lowest average salary at US$39,118 (S$49,550).