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Available roles range from data engineers, to software architects, cybersecurity specialists, cloud engineers, and data analysts.

Certis has announced plans to boost its technology (tech) workforce hiring to develop more innovative, smart security solutions incorporating the internet of things, robotics, and artificial intelligence to support the increased digitalisation amongst existing and potential customers following the pandemic.

As part of these efforts, the smart security and integrated services firm has today (Wednesday, 1 June 2022) launched a recruitment campaign in Singapore, targeted at hiring tech professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMET) roles. 

The campaign aims to attract more tech individuals to design and create Certis’ next generation of technological offerings – from operations-tech to enterprise software – "so as to achieve greater operational efficiencies and business outcomes for its customers," the firm said in a press release today. Available roles range from data engineers, software architects, cybersecurity specialists, cloud engineers, and data analysts.

Apart from the above, Certis also reaffirmed its commitment to upskilling the knowledge and skillsets of its tech workforce – for instance, through online tech courses by the Certis Corporate University, as well as in partnership with global technology partners.

To instil tech-savviness across its business, Certis has also extended tech development courses to its employees in non-tech roles, and introduced immersive technology and methods to enhance the applied learning experience. These include incorporating virtual and augmented reality into training programmes that enable employees to learn more effectively through multiple scenario-based immersive learning. Over 50% of its office-based workforce have taken courses to build core digital literacy skills in data analytics, power platforms, and rapid applications development.

Additionally, Certis has also focused on tech upskilling for its frontline team members. In the past year, some 87% of its 11,000-strong front liners in Singapore had completed at least one digital and technology programme.

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