50 companies in Singapore have signalled their support for the national SkillsFuture movement through a SkillsFuture Employers’ Pledge Ceremony organised by the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) and supported by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

According to a press release by the WDA, 70% of these companies are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The masterclasses are targeted at C-suite executives as well as HR professionals.

They are designed to allow participants from SMEs and multinational corporations (MNCs) to gain a better understanding of the HR skills needed to attract, manage and retain talent.

This will include learning and development programmes, strategies for nurturing the next generation of company leaders, and methods for evaluating individual performance against organisational goals.

"The SNEF-WDA Enterprise Growth Series will increase employers’ know-how in implementing progressive HR practices, such as skills-based career development pathways, and recognising skills mastery," the press release stated.

It added the series supports the national SkillsFuture movement to provide Singaporeans with opportunities to acquire skills in their industries regardless of age. It will also enable them to advance in their careers through such skills and eventually attain skills mastery in their fields.

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"The new SNEF-WDA Enterprise Growth Series of masterclasses will allow business decision-makers to pick up useful pointers on talent development by learning from subject matter experts, as well as share best practices with one another," said Goh Eng Ghee, acting chief executive of WDA.

"The insights will put employers in good stead to implement progressive HR practices, which are a cornerstone of the important role that they play in realising the vision of SkillsFuture."

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