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Aricent to hire more than 250 engineers for new centre in Penang

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Aricent, a global design and engineering company, yesterday announced the opening of a new engineering centre in Penang, Malaysia. According to the release, the centre will provide semiconductor design services such as very-large-scale integration (VLSI) for global leaders in Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia.

In the release, Scott Houghton, president of the semiconductor and industrial business unit, Aricent, commented: “The vibrant growth of technology in Malaysia makes it an ideal choice for our new engineering centre in Penang.”

“We can draw from a rich pool of local engineering talent, offering them the opportunity to design Integrated Circuits (ICs) for game-changing products and technologies for global industry leaders,” he added.

The new engineering centre will be home to key semiconductor design and validation functions, along with strategic software development. Work conducted at the new Aricent facility will be integral to helping customers advance their digital initiatives. The company expects hiring efforts to ramp up quickly to more than 250 engineers in the coming months.

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