The ICT sector is one of the sectors in which the Singapore government is focusing on developing skills for. But what skills are employers looking for?

According to the latest report by JobTech, across the ICT sector, at least 30% of online job postings sought candidates with skills including general computing, communications, understanding of IT and business, science and technology and software products.

Separating the skills into three categories (technical skills, soft skills/traits, and domain knowledge), the report shed light on the top five in-demand skills in the industry.

JobTech ICT sector report

JobTech also noted the emergence of 19 additional domain knowledge areas and 25 additional technical skills that showed up in the Q1 2017 listing.

The emerging domain knowledge areas sought-after by employers included: mechanical engineering, regulatory compliance, ESB (enterprise service bus architecture), mitigation plan, and RFIC (radio frequency integrated circuit).

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Additionally, the new report also recorded a more than 27% increase in online job postings when Q1 2017 is compared with Q4 2016.


This translates to more than 700 unique online job postings in the Singapore ICT sector in Q1 2017; over the 2,600 unique online ICT sector jobs captured in Q4 2016.

When it comes to the average number of unique online job postings per month, Q1 2017 recorded slightly over 1,100 online job postings per month while Q4 2016 recorded slightly over 850 online job postings per month.

The report noted that there is a possible seasonal effect due to hiring patterns in the beginning of the calendar year over the end of the calendar year.

However, it added that in general, a positive uplift is observed in the number of online job postings from January to March 2017 for the ICT sector, with March recording the highest number of online job postings in the first quarter of 2017.

JobTech ICT sector report example

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