Roy Liang, general manager of Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, reveals what business travellers really want in a serviced apartment.

At the official launch of the Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore yesterday, Human Resources caught up with Roy Liang, general manager of Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore to find out the three things business travellers look for when it comes to serviced apartments, and more.

Q What do you think are the the top three things expats are looking for when they choose a serviced apartment?

The three things are location facilities and the reputation of the hotel or serviced apartment because that would determine the level of service they would get based on the trend.

Location wise, we are very fortunate to be located in Shenton Way. This is the central business district (CBD) for Singapore so a lot of the regional headquarters are located around this area.  Everyone knows that traveling to work - especially in the CBD area can be a pain every morning. So nothing beats staying just beside your office where you can just wake up and walk to work.

For our facilities, we try to rival that of what you see in the five star hotels. Hopefully it can be the best facilities that any serviced apartment can offer.

For example, our executive club lounge is something that no serviced apartment has done before. We feel that the clientele we have at Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore would fit right into this group of people who would want that service. It is also quite uncommon for a serviced apartment to have an all-day dining restaurant which can deliver in-room dining which can be set up to feel like the restaurant. Our gym is 24-hours, so even if you work till 2am, nothing is stopping you from working out. Additionally, having a 30 metres infinity pool right in the CBD is something that a lot of people working here is very envious about.

The last thing is reputation. Oakwood has been providing corporate housing solutions for more than 60 years, starting out in the United States and we have grown in the Southeast Asian and Asia region. With the amount of experience and the good reputation we have globally, I think we will be able to assure our guests that they are in good hands when it comes to staying in a serviced apartment.

When you go to a new city to work, you want to be staying in a place where you don’t take chances with.

Q I noticed that Oakwood has opened two serviced apartments in Singapore just this year - Oakwood Studios and Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore. Is this because there is an increase in demand for serviced apartments in Singapore?

I used to work in Jarkarta, Indonesia, and while big countries like this have their own interstate travel going to the capital, Singapore is almost like the financial capital of Southeast Asia.

As a result, a lot of the companies with plants or manufacturing hubs in Southeast Asia, will have their head office located in Singapore. When their senior executives travel to headquarters for business and have to stay for a period of between two weeks to two months, they usually don’t want to stay in a hotel for too long, but also can’t stay in a condominium. That’s where serviced apartments come in for these business travelers. We want to provide the comfort of home in the luxury of a five star hotel.

We feel that there is a strong demand for serviced apartments which will continue to rise. Singapore has a strong economic foundation and I think this will keep attracting businesses to the country.

Q What is one reason why expats or business travelers should choose Oakwood as compared to other serviced apartments?

I think a lot of the expatriates have also stayed in Oakwood properties in other cities and countries. Once again, it’s back to that reputation that you are comfortable with.

When you go to a new city to work, you want to be staying in a place where you don’t take chances with. The company will usually ask them for their preference based on the correct price point and they can usually choose a brand of Oakwood where they are sure that they don’t have to worry about anything.

I think we have the location, facilities and reputation and that’s the reason why I feel expats will want to stay in Oakwood as compared to other serviced apartments.

Located in the heart of Singapore's Central Business District (CBD), Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore marks the second Oakwood property in Singapore, following the March opening of Oakwood Studios on Orchard Road.

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Dean Schreiber, managing director, Oakwood Asia Pacific, said: "The OUE Downtown mixed-use development is the perfect location for us to introduce the Oakwood Premier brand to Singapore’s discerning international travellers."

"With impressive dining, vast retail and smart corporate facilities on site, we’re excited to connect our guests to the finest new offering in Singapore’s downtown area," Schreiber added.

Photo / Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore