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A wave of setting up new unions is sweeping through Hong Kong businesses

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After eight months of protests, businesses in Hong Kong are facing an uphill battle to regain financial ground, which turns out to be not the only roadblock. It was revealed by Mingpao that more and more workers in Hong Kong began setting up trade unions towards the end of 2019.

Between June and December 2019, the Registry of Trade Unions received 135 new applications, a 12% increase from the year before. In December 2019 alone, 109 applications for the registration of a trade union was sent to the labour department.

The wave of new unions began in December, with netizens calling on industry experts to establish new unions. Some unions were set up in the wake of the citywide strike.

Registered in September, the Hong Kong Financial Industry Employees General Union collected an annual membership fee of HK$1200 and previously announced that the fund would be used for the workers’ strike. The spokesperson later confirmed that organising strikes is not their only purpose. Long working hours and meal allowances are also part of their concerns.

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