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A total of six types of services are provided by RED Consulting Group, including professional development programmes, research services, and more - find out about all of them.

In this article, we will focus on the six types of services provided by RED Consulting Group.

1. Consulting services Management consulting

RED delivers customised best practise and a pragmatic approach to talent management solutions. We work with our clients in providing innovative and integrated solutions by aligning to their HR initiatives and their strategic goals and mission.

We recognise that each client is unique. In developing solutions, we cogitate to client’s industry, business model, culture, life-cycle, locale and strategic business objectives.

RED is committed to working in partnership with our clients by transferring knowledge to create sustainable in-house capabilities. We have provided our expertise and consultative experience to many organisations including those in financial services, IT, pharmaceutical, automotive, airlines, manufacturing, hospitality, communications media, government agencies, and more.

Education consulting RED provides clients with timely and tangible market insights to mitigate market challenges, reliable market data, and strategic best practices to ensure they are well-informed regarding important decisions in the education industry.

RED consists of individuals of the highest calibre, talent and experience in educational research,strategy, planning, and technical implementation services.

Globally present, RED delivers education innovation by bringing refreshing clarity to academic and corporate enterprises through education, technology, and business consulting.

2. Corporate learning solutions RED provides world-class development programme that are designed to prepare future leaders, and listed below.

- Professional development programmes: Programmes are purposefully designed to upskill and equip individuals with the skill and knowledge necessary to develop the industry further.

- Specialty programmes: These programmes are structured for upper level management professionals, with the primary objective of aligning them with the organisation’s goals, via challenging the skills and capacities of these professionals to drive change and exponential results.

- Customised programmes: Based on our experiences across industries, we customise solutions for clients with specific needs and requirements in their talent frameworks.

- Global leader series: Specifically designed for leaders within an organisation to effectively achieve growth objectives by extending beyond their current expertise to build strategic leadership capabilities.

- Consulting services: Solutions designed specifically based on client’s requisition needs.

Programmes are purposefully designed to upskill and equip individuals with the skill and knowledge necessary to develop the industry further.
3. Leadership and innovation development suites We provide leadership development training programmes that are designed to prepare future leaders in meeting challenging business demands. They are highly customisable to suit your business and human capital needs on leadership, finance, innovation, and management.

4. Strategic partnerships We are proud to say that we partner with reputable institutions across the globe to host and develop academic, leadership, and skilled programmes. We partner with universities and colleges mainly from Malaysia, Australia, UK and Europe, and the Americas. Our partnering universities offer programmes ranging from certificate level, diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate, and PhD.

5. Recruitment and placement To unleash the potential of people, organisations are turning to RED Consulting Solutions, a reputable name in outcome-based, talent-driven solutions. Our ability to capitalise on new thinking, new workforce models, and new possibilities has made us one of the most recognised and respected workforce solution providers in the region. Our expertise, experience and regional footprint allow us to deliver solutions to help our clients achieve better business results.

6. Investment management and research services RED is a preferred research partner for a diverse group of clients throughout the world — private equity firms, investment banks, asset management firms, pension funds, hedge fund managers, and independent research firms or individuals. Our investment research service goal is to accumulate and interpret whatever data will best support the investment decision-making process of investors and businesses.

Leveraging on our robust history with over two decades in academic, corporate learning solutions, and administrative technologies, we partner with today’s organisational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements to education and personal development. We help organisations become better positioned to achieve strategic goals, compete for scarce resources, and plan for the future.

We play a lead role in assessing, developing and implementing corporate learning models for many multinationals. Similarly, our expertise in talent management consultancy has guided many organisations to fulfil their unique business requirements.

With our flexible developmental consulting model and full-service portfolio for corporate learning, our team becomes your team. From strategic planning and transformational change to competitive e-learning technologies and content development, we are your total solutions partner.

This article was published in Human Resources’ special edition – Training & Development Guide 2018, Malaysia. Read the full magazine here.