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9 traits recruiters hate

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What makes a perfect candidate? Well, there is no such thing this really depends on the company, recruiter and job, so coming up with a list of qualities that recruiters want is impossible. However, what they DON’T want is much easier to agree on. The folks at Glassdoor spoke to recruiters and this is the list they all agreed on.

1. Vagueness

Interviewers want you to be specific with concrete examples, not some vague description that doesn’t make sense.


2. Being disloyal

No matter how awful your previous employer was trash talking them will leave a sour taste in recruiters mouths. Keep it professional and focus on your self.


3. Indifference

It might be your only interest in the job is getting paid but recruiters aren’t interested in people who want any job, they want to know why you care about this job.


4. Saying yes to everything

Just because you want to make a good impression doesn’t mean you need to agree with everything the recruiter says. Recruiters don’t need a robot to repeat everything back to them but want candidates who can think for themselves and explain their position.


5. Being unorganised

Arriving late and unprepared is the quickest way to irk a recruiter and gives them insight into the type of employee they would be taking on.


6. Disrespect

Being rude, disrespectful and abrasive is a shortcut to annoying the recruiter. Most organisations nowadays expect you to be a team player so, check your arrogance at the door and show some humility.


7. Being Verbose

You don’t have a lot of time to make a good impression so cut down on the complicated vocabulary and get straight to the point.


8. Ignorance

The quickest way to be forgotten is to reveal you haven’t done your research about the company or the job. It shows that you are not truly interested in the job.


9. Unprofessionalism

You might think the company has a relaxed corporate culture but being polite and professional at all times is imperative, this includes avoiding slang, profanities and divulging personal details about your life. This is a workplace so regardless of how comfortable you feel don’t act as you would at home or with your friends and family.

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