There will be seven long weekends next year, thanks to 11 gazetted public holidays.

The Ministry of Manpower has released the list of official days off for 2015, making it easier for you to start planning next year’s vacation time.

New Year's Day January 1, Thursday

Chinese New Year February 19 and 20, Thursday and Friday

Good Friday April 3, Friday

Labour Day May 1, Friday

Vesak Day June 1, Monday

Hari Raya Puasa July 17, Friday

National Day August 9, Sunday (Monday, August 10, will be a holiday)

Hari Raya Haji September 24, Thursday

Deepavali November 10, Tuesday (subject to confirmation with the Indian Almanac)

Christmas Day December 25, Friday

However, if you take the following nine days off out of your annual leave, you will be able to enjoy a total of 40 days off (inclusive of weekends):

January 2 – Friday April 6 – Monday May 4 – Monday May 29 – Friday July 16 – Thursday August 7 – Friday September 25 – Friday November 9 – Monday December 28 – Monday

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