Ask a few people in the office: "Are you happy with your weight?" and don't be surprised if you get a number of "not very", or "no, not at all!" in response.

In fact, a recent survey of 1,202 Singaporeans, by YouGov Omnibus, found that nearly half of Singaporeans are 'dissatisfied' with their weight (two in five, or 43%).

On the other hand, 27% are satisfied and 30% are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

A more pressing issue found was that most Singaporeans believe their appearance does affect their daily live - with three quarters thinking it impacts their personal life and seven in 10 believing it affects their professional life.

While this is so, and while it depends heavily on how each individual manages their health and weight, the workplace - where they spend most of their week - can play a part in encouraging healthier lifestyles.

For instance, if your office building has a cafeteria or caters food, do assess the healthiness of the food provided.

Further, adopt some of these workplace habits, organise regular team fitness activities, or explore the possibilities of fitness memberships for employees.

That said, it is important to be mindful of the health and wellness programmes or activities you incorporate in the office, as research has found certain programmes can even increase the stigma of weight.