According to the figures released last week by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD), the average monthly salaries for middle-level managerial and professional employees increased by 4.8% in June 2015 compared with a year earlier.

But after factoring inflation the actual year-on-year increase was found to be 2.7%.

The survey findings also showed that in June 2015, 40% of the middle-level managerial and professional employees were entitled to guaranteed year-end bonus and 74% had irregular profit-sharing bonuses.

A government spokesman said in a press release that the average salaries of middle-level managerial and professional employees saw further solid and across-the-board increases in June 2015.

This was due to the persistently tight manpower situation in the higher-skilled segment amid Hong Kong's focus towards building a knowledge-based and high value-added economy.

More notable salary gains were observed in the building and construction and related trades section, as well as among engineering and other technical support personnel, recording a 3.8% salary increase, followed by finance and insurance at 2.7%.

Taking all the selected industries and occupational groups together, average salary increases in June 2015 were both higher in nominal and real terms when compared to the previous year.

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