To celebrate International Women's Day on Sunday (8 March), a short video starring 16 different female chief executives in Hong Kong was released by the Chief Executive Women Network Hong Kong ??a group made up of female leaders in the financial industry ? to show their support for gender equality. Diana Cesar, chief executive, Hong Kong, HSBC is one of the participants.

In the video, the leaders pledge to promote workplace diversity and encourage women to join the world of finance.

?The World Economic Forum estimates overall global gender equality is another 80 years away.? Why wait? It?s time for us all to press on. We can make a difference through our actions. We can build a world without prejudice,??Diana Cesar, chief executive, Hong Kong, HSBC said in the video.

The video can be viewed here:



In 2019, HSBC created a series of spaces for new and expectant mothers, including?125 parenting rooms.

Since 2018, the bank's Accelerating into Leadership programme has provided coaching and development for high-performing women at the manager level. The programme is now being rolled out globally. There were 398 participants in 2019.

Another programme, Accelerating Female Leaders, focuses on increasing the visibility, networks and sponsorship of high-performing women at the senior level. The?2018?2019 cohort had 80 participants.