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10 candidate characteristics recruiters should look out for


With 2020 having arrived and Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s a time of great flux in the labour markets of much of Asia. A polished résumé and an impressive list of qualifications is a good start, but what else should HR pros be looking for when trying to identify the perfect candidate for a role?

Here are 10 essential attributes that you should consider when adding a new member of staff to their workforce.

#1. Co-operation It may seem a no-brainer but if the person is unable – or unwilling – to ‘play nice’ with their colleagues it's going to make for tough going. A successful team needs co-operation. Each individual adds their own unique range of skills to make the team more vibrant and productive.

#2. Can they communicate ideas effectively?  There is an art to communicating with colleagues in such a way they can immediately grasp what you’re on about. It doesn’t matter if you come up with tremendous ideas that can be a game changer for the company if you are unable to convey it effectively.

#3. Do they demonstrate leadership qualities?  Some people are natural leaders. Every team needs leadership, otherwise the overall performance and execution of good ideas will suffer.

#4. Are they sociable? Do they have the ability and desire to get along with others? If not they will likely hinder progress.

#5. Dependability Team members rely on each other to achieve overall success. You need individuals you can trust and who are prepared to pull their weight.

# 6. Efficiency  Do they possess the skills to do the job and can they adapt methods to make the job easier for themselves and the organisation overall?

# 7. Selflessness  Are they willing to make sacrifices for the team?

# 8. Do they have a can-do attitude?  Some individuals are natural self-starters. They will push themselves to make it happen and can bring along others in the team with them.

# 9. Self-confidence  Confidence and self-belief are highly desirable personality traits.

10. Can they think outside of the box?  An abstract thinker can come up with a solution their co-workers might not have even thought of investigating.

Parts of this article were first published on the HR Grapevine website.

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