Workforce Singapore (WSG) yesterday launched the WSG Career Development Framework (CDF) to facilitate the capability and competency development of career practitioner professionals.

According to a media release, the WSG CDF aims to professionalise the career practitioner industry by instituting a roadmap for the development and certification of their competencies. This will help serve as an assurance of the upholding of high professional standards, ethics and ethos in the Singapore career practitioner industry.

The framework, designed for practitioners who deliver education and career advisory in the Singapore context, is practice-based whereby credentials are awarded based on an applicant's actual practice and experience.

Launching the WSG CDF at the inaugural Career Practitioners Conference 2018, Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Home Affairs, Josephine Teo, said: "The framework will be introduced over the next two years.  There are four levels of certification career professionals can work towards, and programmes to help them make the grade. The framework also covers continuing professional development, so career professionals can themselves 'walk the talk' when guiding their clients to adapt to an evolving job landscape."

The four levels of certification are:

Certified Career Advisor (CCA)

  • A CCA is able to provide basic education and career advisory (including details on government initiatives such as Adapt and Grow and SkillsFuture) to clients using simple profiling tools in a one-to-one or group setting. This role may also include SkillsFuture Advisors and Industry Mentors.
  • Training required: Career Advisory Programme (CAP)

Certified Career Practitioner (CCP)

  • A CCP is able to apply career development theories and tools to help clients make education, career and training choices through effective one-to-one and group facilitation. This role includes the career coaches at WSG and e2i, the ECG counsellors in MOE, and those at the Institutes of Higher Learning.
  • Training required: WSQ Advanced Certificate in Career Development Facilitation / Career Facilitation Programme

Certified Career Clinical Supervisor (CCCS)

  • A CCCS is able to supervise and guide career practitioners to provide and implement effective interventions for clients on a one-to-one or group basis.
  • Training required: Career Supervision Programme

Certified Career Services Manager (CCSM)

  • A CCSM is able to plan and supervise the implementation of career services, develop and adapt career tools to local context and promote career knowledge in various local and international platforms.
  • Training required: Career Management Programme

The CDF is supported by key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Employment and Employability Institute, and industry associations: Career Development Association of Singapore and People and Career Development Association.

Tan Choon Shian, chief executive of WSG, said: "The development of the WSG Career Development Framework signifies the importance and recognition placed on career practitioners. It reflects the crucial role they play in helping individuals navigate career crossroads and make good choices about their career goals. The professionalisation of the industry will provide practitioners with the edge in assisting jobseekers make quality career decisions."

At the event, minister Teo, also presented certificates of participation to the first 30 participants of the CAP, a 3-day introductory level course for professionals who provide or want to provide basic career and training advisory as a secondary role in their work.

Photo / 123RF